Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning

Staff, parents and most importantly our students are currently enjoying the benefits of our virtual learning platform, with all students continuing to be taught by our teachers, albeit, remotely. 

On Thursday 12th, March, all schools in Vilnius were instructed to close by the Lithuanian government for an estimated 5 week period, in an effort to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. We recognised early that this was likely to happen and was an essential step in preventing the spread of the virus. We also recognised the potentially negative impact it could have on our student’s education. 

To fully prepare for this ‘worst case scenario’, we quickly got to work preparing our ‘virtual learning’ online platform, to ensure it was ready and just waiting for our students to log in. We are pleased to say that the platform is already delivering to our students, a broad and balanced curriculum through a mixture of live streams, teacher prepared resource packs, online-learning tools and a restructure of our school calendar.

We have set up ‘virtual’ classes for all of our children through Google Classroom and the teachers are conducting ‘live’ taught sessions. All aspects of the normal school curriculum are being delivered by our teachers, music, PE, Lithuanian and Spanish as well as all core subjects, such as Maths & English. All the resources that are needed for the sessions have been delivered to the parents. 

We are aware that many households have both parents working and we will continue to provide these resources and not add to the inevitable difficulties of having the children off-school causes. All resources are provided, with little to no need to print or prepare any of the materials. Login processes, et cetera have been simplified wherever possible to ensure students can complete their classwork without needing additional parental support. 

As you can see from the images below, everything has been running smoothly and the children and teachers are enjoying the online learning experience.