Start of a New Year

Start of a New Year

What a great start we have had to our new school year together. We have completed our first few weeks and the children have all settled in really well. Thank you for your support whilst we have been completing the finishing touches to setting up the school.

The children have had a wonderful time and the school building has come to life with the sound of children working hard and having fun. Every class has been very busy producing fantastic work to decorate the walls of both the classrooms and corridors.

Nursery and Reception have launched into there topic “All about me in Vilnius’ looking at the wonder that is in each and every one of them. The children will be learning about their bodies, their histories, their place in the world and who the special people are in their lives. 

Year 1 and 2 have started a sensory journey exploring their sensational senses. They will find out about different artists and how their work appeals to their senses, how to make a fruit salad by exploring tastes, colour and texture, how they experience and remember places through touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight.

Year 3 and Year 4 have headed back in time and as historians they will be studying a past society called Ancient Egypt. They will be looking at factual evidence of the pyramids, mummies, pharaohs and artefacts and trying to find out the secrets of this civilisation that began over 5000 years ago. They will be finding out about Howard Carter – the

original tomb raider. They will be exploring the art and statues and asking what we can find out about the past from these things.

Our specialist teachers have all been busy introducing the children to their subjects. Our PE and music teacher have been introducing the children to nature, showing them all the wonderful things that surround our school and looking at how this can be incorporated into our learning. The languages teachers have been introducing the children to new greetings and new ways on introducing themselves. 

It has been a wonderful start to a new school year and we are looking forward to many more fabulous weeks ahead.