Staff Focus | Stephen Davenport

Staff Focus | Stephen Davenport

Music Teacher

My name is Stephen Davenport and I am an experienced music teacher who has worked across the age ranges from the Early Years to IB Diploma and A level. I have worked in Asia for many years and have been Head of the Arts Faculty at Dulwich International College Phuket and a variety of schools in the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. I have an M.A. in Education from the Institute of Education at University College London (UCL).

In my current school, we have 900 students and 350 take part in musical ensembles after school with myself and dedicated tutors. Students have had many opportunities on the stage this year which included ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, the latest production.

I enjoy building performing traditions in schools and have staged many different types of shows and performances. Schools I have worked in have had many diverse musical ensembles such as choirs, orchestras, jazz bands, rock bands, Chinese music, and Thai Gamelan ensembles. I have formed a collection of musical instruments from around the world and enjoy electronic music. I believe wholeheartedly that music is for life, it’s not only ex-students who are classical composers, performers, and professors in music, but also the people who still take part in shows, rock bands, and jazz bands, who compose and perform for fun within their own communities. They make my work meaningful.

I have one son who is just about to attend university in Europe and my family and I look forward to moving to Lithuania and embracing its rich history and culture. We look forward to visiting the Frank Zappa statue, and the folk instruments museum in Kaunas.

I collect toy soldiers, and paint them and set up dioramas. With my son, we love discussing the history behind these historical events. I fully believe Lithuania offers a very interesting background to pursue my hobbies; its place in the centre of Europe and its great History will certainly give me plenty to experience first hand!

I look forward to working in Vilnius and having lots of fun working with students to produce fabulous shows and music!

I hope to meet you all soon to start a wonderful educational journey.