Staff Focus | Ruta Buivydaite

Staff Focus | Ruta Buivydaite

Ruta Buivydaite
Assistant Teacher and Piano Teacher

I secured my first teaching role back in 2009 and fell in love with teaching straight away. Since gaining my Teacher’s qualification in 2010 I have worked in three different countries and spent 5 years in the United Kingdom.

I moved to the UK through the COMENIUS International Program for Young Teachers. In the school I taught in, I was the only international teacher, which gave me the chance to teach my students, information about my country and its culture. Since then the idea of working in the International School sector has been very captivating. After completion of this program, I stayed in the UK and developed my skills and knowledge of the UK’s education system even further.

I believe working at BSV will connect two countries that are very important to me, and my international experience will benefit BSV students in many ways.

I am a qualified Piano teacher and will bring this talent to our students and help to encourage them to reveal their creativity and music skills.

About Ruta

I am quite an adventurous person. In my spare time, I like being outdoors. My favourite activities are skiing and camping. I also ride a motorbike, and like to travel. I am looking forward to moving back to Lithuania after all these years and can’t wait for winter. Even if there are no tall mountains here for skiing, I think we can have a great snow battle!