Staff Focus | Ms Jodkienė

Staff Focus | Ms Jodkienė

Ms Jurgita Jodkienė
Lithuanian Teacher

Not only I do teach, but every day I learn from my students: curiosity, positivity, tolerance, humour, and joy of life.

Creativity in every lesson is a challenge. I must be universal; engrossing, thoughtful, creative, cheerful. I have to be not only a teacher but also an artist, a psychologist and a close friend. Only in this way can I interest the child, find his or her skills, educate and prepare the child not only for the test of knowledge but more importantly, to live life.

Flexibility and spontaneity also help in creating a relationship with children, enabling them to feel good, self-confident and pursue knowledge. I have to improve myself constantly. It is not enough to be a good Lithuanian language specialist, I have to be able to provide new information, use modern technologies, follow the world events (in order to be able to discuss fashion and the newest cars with the girls and boys), to have an opinion about other cultures, countries, and traditions. I have to be an authority, respected and be a great example for students who are all personalities. Hence, I have the motivation to demand from myself foremost, and only then from students. There is no monotony in this work as every day is full of discoveries and inspirations.

I often start a lesson about what children are interested in, a joke, and only later I introduce then to the subject. I love my ‘universal’ work in every sense and I love working with students. Highly motivated, creative, passionate, responsible, well organised.

I am an enthusiastic teacher, having won many awards in city and republic competitions.

About Ms Jodkienė

My perfect day! It is a communication with the family and a cup of tea – Laughing, positivity and getting new information. I like to find some time for a good book, sport and to meditate in nature.

I enjoy planning future trips to somewhere I have not been yet and speaking to friends on the phone. I regularly play music and dance in the kitchen, whilst creating new and simple recipes. All of this helps me to be happy and calm because I’m working on what I love and know.

What the students say about me

I smile during break time as I hear students in the distance shouting ‘Ms. Jodkienė’ and small hands embrace sincerely and unreservedly.