Staff Focus | Mr Federico Germán Jaime

Staff Focus | Mr Federico Germán Jaime

As a P.E. teacher, I have taught in different handball clubs, both in Argentina and Denmark. I was also working in pedagogical entertainment in Córdoba, Argentina, and a brief period teaching at the university for P.E. teachers as an assistant teacher.

As a Spanish teacher, I taught Spanish as a freelancer in Argentina and Denmark for both native speakers and students with Spanish as a second language. My previous role was at Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet in Stockholm, Sweden, where I was teaching Spanish in both the Swedish National Program and IB.

About Federico

I am a highly energetic person, always looking to learn and develop myself wherever I am in the world. I like sports, and I have practiced a number of them since childhood, like Basketball, Football, and Handball. I have a deep interest in society and community and involved myself in youth politics and non-profit organisations such as the Scouts. I love languages and literature, and I am a published writer of two books.

What the students say about me

“I think you make the environment relaxed and full of energy, which makes it easy to, for example, speak in class. It encourages at least me to do my best.”

“Top notch, was always prepared to answer our questions and always found interesting facts or personal experiences to connect to the topic.”