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The school provides many services which enhance the day to day school experience for our families. School lunches are an integral part of school life. Our catering service prepares international style food. The menus are regularly checked by independent experts to ensure that our pupils receive balanced, healthy and nutritional meals. Our menu changes regularly, below is the current rotational menu on offer at the school. Parents of the school get daily menu updates via the Parent Mobile App.

Week One

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Pea Soup with Sour Cream Beetroot Soup with rice Pumpkin Soup with Croutons White bean soup Cucumber soup with pearl barley
Steamed turkey meatballs & rice porridge Steamed chicken thighs Beef Stroganoff Chickpea Curry and Rice Crepes with Chicken
Cabbage salad with olive oil Broccoli salad with cranberries Carrot salad with olive oil and pickles Fresh Carrot Sticks Vegetable sticks (cucumber, sweet bell pepper) and Sour Cream
Bun, fruit yogurt & Wheat cakes Fruit salad & Buckwheat cakes Apple Pie, Cheese sticks & Rice cakes Fruit Cupcake, Creamy Curd & Berry sauce Karaite pasty, broth, Cereal bars with Fruits & Yogurt drink

Week Two

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Cabbage Soup with Sour Cream Tomato Soup with rice Vegetable Soup with Croutons Beetroot Soup with Beans Red lentil soup
Turkey Stew Baked Chicken & Mashed Potatoes Spaghetti Bolognese Crepes with Curd Stewed rabbit and vegetables
Carrot Salad Roasted Beetroot Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Tomato & Cucumbers Vegetable sticks (cucumber, sweet bell pepper) and Sour Cream
Carrot Pie & Cheese Stick Banana Bread and Veggie Sticks Karaite pasty with chicken and broth Toasted Sandwiches, cereal bars and wheat cakes Fruit Cocktail and Rice cakes

The school also provides daily options of healthy fresh seasonal fruits, unsweetened teas, water, and much more.

Make An Enquiry

We are always delighted to hear from prospective parents that are considering our international school for their children’s education. Please do not hesitate to call us on the phone number above or select from the options below.

You can ask us a question, arrange a school visit (instant confirmation), or make a formal application to join the school. Please click one of the buttons below to make contact with our admissions department.


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