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ReCaP Days Information

During each of the half-term holidays (3/year), we offer three extra ReCaP Days. ReCaP stands for Reinforcing Curriculum and Progression. These extra tuition days allow for either a review of any areas of the curriculum a student might require extra support in or additional intensive sessions to propel them to a higher level. Combined with our normal school calendar, these ‘top-up’ sessions can greatly boost a child’s academic development.

The Importance of out of term learning:  Studies show students that incorporate holiday time learning programs have an academic advantage: they are often ahead of peers in reading and mathematics, and they restart the term more ready to learn.

During any term break, students can lose much of the academic skills gained previously. This means students returning from breaks without additional study are often further behind than when they left school for the holidays. ReCaP Days help in maintaining a child’s academic momentum and prevent a learning slide, it aids in helping students recall the material they spent the term learning and ensures their brains stay in active learning mode. In short, it means they are more ready to learn in the next half of the term.

Maintaining an educational routine during the holidays also allows students to get ahead, with strategic introductions to next term concepts, it helps them develop the new learning skills before term restarting. 

These ReCaP Days can offer additional and extensive development to students who are committed to the rigorous academic effort. This intensive and creative program features a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum designed to address any gaps in knowledge, often resulting in vastly improved communication skills, namely speaking, listening, writing, and reading in English.

In the classroom students are divided by skill level, this proven method for learning places students in environments where they are properly challenged, paced and supported.

While courses are taught according to ability, the use of progressive teaching principles allows students to move easily up levels of study to more advanced practices.

ReCaP Days are a fantastic way for international school students to keep their minds sharp and boost reading, writing, and mathematical skills.

All ReCaP teachers are native English speakers with UK qualifications and substantial teaching experience. In addition to tried-and-trusted educational exercises, 21st-century materials like interactive whiteboards and iPads bring every lesson to life. We utilise the very latest teaching tools and technologies to offer every student attending ReCaP Days the absolute best learning experience.

The ReCaP Days are available to students at both the Early Years and Primary school level, starting from age 3. ReCaP Days always takes a fun approach to topics, after all, it is their holiday and we believe happy students learn faster and gain more confidence in a fun and supportive environment while engaging their critical thinking skills.

ReCaP Days expose children to a rich and diverse cultural experience alongside students from various year groups and is truly a great opportunity to make a wider range of friends. 

ReCaP Days are great at boosting confidence and are especially beneficial to students who require extra English language support, especially in the areas of grammar, vocabulary and developing oral confidence all within a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere.

Each day consists of a minimum of 6 hours of study. ReCaP Days are an intensive holiday programme aimed at Early Years and Primary students. What would you find easier, studying by yourself in your bedroom, or a room with your friends, all studying together? There’s a natural motivation that occurs when you do activities with your peers. It’s the best type of peer pressure.

To sign your child(ren) up to ReCaP Days, please speak directly with the administration at the school or email your intent to join to


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